Vision and Mission


Delhi Public School Rudrapur will provide world class education and facilities to young people so we can develop them into confident individuals, ever evolving learners and responsible citizens.


It is our mission to ensure that all students are provided with a safe, intellectually challenging, latest and technologically advanced environment, so that they get ample opportunities to:

  • Develop into confident, yet compassionate, principled and balanced global citizens, capable of thinking independently.
  • Access the best opportunities of growth and development by being prepared linguistically and culturally for meeting the demands of the modern world.
  • Get sensitized to environmental concerns by developing a sense of responsibility towards environmental preservation.
  • To embrace multi- culturalism and value the strength of the Indian culture and communal harmony by respecting differences and beliefs of others.
  • To master the expanding horizons of technology and contribute to the repository of the knowledge of the world.
  • Become independent self-reliant learners and take learning as a way of life, leading to development.