Transport Facilities

  • The school offers the facility of safe and secure travel in air conditioned school buses with responsible escorts to select adjoining areas for convenience of the students.
  • All the buses are fitted with GPS tracking devices and will be monitored constantly.
  • The parents will be given timely intimation of the arrival of their wards.
  • Interested parents are required to meet the Transport In charge during school hours on working days for any issues relating to allotment/withdrawal/change in bus routes. Parents of new bus users will be required to travel in the bus on the first day to become familiar with bus routes/stop.
  • Transport Fee as applicable is required to be paid alongside the tuition fee on quarterly/monthly basis. The school reserves the right to withdraw the facility at any time.


All the school buses are air conditioned and carry only the permitted number of students is in accordance with the capacity of the bus. A guard and a maid escort the students to ensure safety and cleanliness. All the buses have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs. All the buses are fitted with GPS devices and speed controllers.