Principal's Message


We are living in an era where there is abundance of information but paucity of wisdom. A child of the 21st Century is constantly bombarded with factual information, to which, he is unable to attach much meaning. This is where schools such ours comes as a ray of light. The skills to analyse, evaluate and assimilate should be learnt and taught along with the dissipation of Knowledge. Schools, therefore, have come to adopt an additional role, which is of creating complete well balanced individuals with holistic personalities.

Over the years, schooling has become a much more intense experience. Education must become experiential and evolving. Learning experiences should encompass both the teachers and the students. Each should find their role rewarding and meaningful. We at Delhi Public School, Rudrapur believe that what we learn with pleasure, we never forget! So it will be our constant endeavor to combine learning with happy and joyful experiences.

Children should look forward to attending school. At Delhi Public School, Rudrapur we would like to view our task as unique and meaningful. If Education is the key to unlock many doors, then we would like these doors to open up in our portals!

Our Infrastructure is designed in a manner that it delights our children. In all our endeavours our prime thoughts and concerns are for the end users i.e. our students. We wish to indulge our tiny tots in meaningful and impressionable experiences through a wide variety of theme based activities. This coupled with our caring and indulgent faculty members will further enhance their happiness quotient.

As children would grow and enter into the realm of primary and secondary education, we will gently prepare them towards developing sound learning skills. They will be put on the path which seeks Knowledge so that it becomes a way of life for them, making them lifelong learners. An Investment in Knowledge pays the best Interest, so we extend our hands to you, to indulge in an exceptional learning experience called Delhi Pubic School, Rudrapur!

Ms Pooja Bose
DPS, Rudrapur